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5R Stage Roller Scanner Light Beam Barrel Mirrored Scanner

Code SL001
Material high temperature plastic + molded alloy material
Color Black
Brand Zitalighting
Light Color RGBW
Ingress Protection 20

Voltage: AC90-240v, 50/60HZ

Power consumption: 200W

Color temperature: 8500K

Light source: Philips 5R bulb, bulb life expectancy 1500H (according to the specific use of the situation)

Philips original lighter, stunning double-coated eight prism, positive and negative rotation.

Colors: 13 colors + white, half-color effect

Roller rotation: Clockwise, anticlockwise rotation, the high-speed rotation of the drum can be made into a smooth effect, roller level 330 °, vertical 95 ° smooth scanning, adjustable speed, scanning speed.

Glass optical lens

One-way rotation rainbow effect

Built-in 1 fixed pattern disk: 14 patterns with high-speed dithering function

Built-in 1 color disk: 13 colors

8 prism with rotation function

Strobe: Two-piece strobe (0.5-12 seconds/time) with random strobe function

DMX512 channel: 8CH

LED LCD large screen display, switch between Chinese and English

Appearance: high temperature plastic + molded alloy material

Protection class: IP20 built-in overheat protection device

Size :497*315*250mm

Weight: 7.5kg

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