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6 Head Laser Moving Head Light

Code MH023
Color Black
Brand Zitalighting
Model DMX512/master-slave/auto/sound
Light Color R
Ingress Protection 20

Voltage: AC100V~230V 50~60Hz±10%

Power: 150W

Laser source: semiconductor pump laser

Laser modulation: TTL

Laser wavelength: 638nm

Laser power: 3000mW (500mW*6PCS)

Laser color: red

Laser system: Precision stepper motor scanning system, the Y-axis swings 180 degrees, and the X-axis laser head can swing.

Laser effect: Laser Skynet beam performance, laser flow line effect, laser strobe effect, LED beam sensation, water strobe, etc.

Control mode: DMX, Master-slave, Sound Activated and Auto

DMX channel: 17 channels selectable

Use environment: indoor

Applicable places: bars, KTV, performing arts, dance halls, hotel banquet halls, entertainment venues, etc.

Working temperature: -20℃-45℃

 Work Time
Mon to Fri :9:00-18:00
Sat to Sat :9:00-12:00
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Hot Line:+86 (760) 2238-2086
E-Mail ( Zita Zhou )
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